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Merc AMG GT S vs Nissan GT-R: fight!

We pit Godzilla against AMG’s new poster boy to see who comes out on top. Can you guess?


If you watched last night's episode of Top Gear - and if not, EXPLAIN YOURSELF - James discovered two things wrong with the new Mercedes AMG GT S. One, that it reminded him of Jeremy.

Two? That for a significantly lower monetary outlay, you could buy a Nissan GT-R, which, said May, ‘is the best car... in the world'. And yet in the hands of Angry Stig, the AMG GT S [spoiler alert] powered around Dunsfold three-tenths of a second faster than the GT-R. Game, and indeed, on.

But that, of course, was the 2012 GT-R - and, as we know, the Nissan engineers have their range-topper on an almost daily diet of updates and refinement.

So how do the latest GT-R's Big Numbers stack up to those of the AMG GT S? Both cars put out a lot of power. Both are turbocharged. Both can accelerate with eye-watering rapidity. But which has the edge in a pub-trivia stat attack? Check below to find out...

Mercedes AMG GT S vs Nissan GT-R


Merc AMG GT S: 4.0-litre twin turbo V8
Nissan GT-R: 3.8-litre twin-turbo V6


Merc AMG GT S: 510bhp at 6,000rpm
Nissan GT-R: 550bhp at 6,400rpm


Merc AMG GT S: 479lb ft
Nissan GT-R: 466lb ft


Merc AMG GT S: Seven-speed twin-clutch
Nissan GT-R: Six-speed twin-clutch

Driven wheels

Merc AMG GT S: Rear-wheel-drive
Nissan GT-R: All-wheel-drive


Merc AMG GT S: 1570kg
Nissan GT-R: 1740kg


Merc AMG GT S: 3.8s
Nissan GT-R: 2.7s

Top speed

Merc AMG GT S: 193mph
Nissan GT-R: 196mph


Merc AMG GT S: from £110,495
Nissan GT-R: from £78,020

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Merc AMG GT S vs Nissan GT-R: fight!
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